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HVAC Systems

Tailored design solutions. Accurate and cost-effective design tools for all HVAC system design projects.

Data Centers

Identifying opportunities to increase data center efficiency and improve temperature and humidity control.

Cogeneration / CHP

Make your own energy. From screening-level audits to investment-grade studies and implementation, see how cogeneration can work for you.

Central Plant

Understanding building function, location, current capacity needs, and anticipating future capacity requirements. B2Q’s track record of success speaks for itself.

Building Automation Systems

B2Q’s team are experts in virtually all commercially available building automation systems.


Delivering continued success in identification, design, and implementation of lab energy efficiency and optimization projects. Promoting safety and efficiency in labs.

Clean Rooms

Practical energy solutions. Working with our customers to reduce their clean room energy costs and improve HVAC control.

Compressed Air

Air leaks. Wasteful applications. Improper control. Improve system efficiency with a Compressed Air Optimization Study.


Lighting and control systems review. Tailored lighting solutions to maximize utility incentives and operating cost savings.

I have worked with many energy efficiency consulting firms over the past twenty years and B2Q stands out by providing exceptional service and being a leading partner in helping achieve our aggressive efficiency goals.


Technical Services National Grid


Let's get it done right.

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