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Building Systems

Building Systems

Central Plant

Wellesley College CUP Rendering.png

From concept phase through design and commissioning of systems, B2Q has the expertise to take your project to completion Since central plants have a huge sphere of influence on the entire site, and since they are energy and capital intensive, their design, construction, and commissioning require the highest level of expertise. . Many aspects of our business have been derived from our central utility plant experience, including conceptual analysis, controls design, and commissioning. There is no room for unvetted concepts, insufficient design, or unfinished commissioning when it comes to constructing a state of the art efficient and resilient central utility plant.

Many factors must be considered to ensure a successful central plant design such as building location, current capacity needs, future capacity requirements, fuel types, resiliency, load reduction, safety, maintenance, and energy costs. Our designs are very detailed with comprehensive P&ID’s and sequences of operation customized to the specific needs of your project. When properly designed and commissioned, operation can be optimized to maximize energy efficiency and achieve the goals of the project including resiliency. Clients can rely on B2Q to take on central plants of all applications, whether it’s for chilled water, hot water, steam, power production, new construction, or existing renovations, we are prepared to help you build a CUP which is prepared to serve your site well for the next 50 years.

Let's get it done right.

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