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Building Systems

Data Centers

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Data Centers are unique from the perspective that they are generally unoccupied spaces with very high indoor sensible heat loads. These high power density spaces require significant energy for cooling and humidification (they are very dry do to the internal heat gains and lack of internal moisture sources). This cooling can be accomplished in many ways, from the use of air systems (CRACS & CRAHS) to in-row coolers and combinations of both. Since the power draw of the servers and the resulting cooling load is expensive to operate, a lot of our time is spent increasing the power usage effectiveness (PUE). In order to do this we work closely with the data center managers to develop effective air distribution and minimize simultaneous heating and cooling and simultaneous humidification and dehumidification. B2Q offers data center HVAC solutions from concept phase through design and commissioning of systems. Our proprietary simulation tools provide screening-level and investment grade feasibility studies for data centers. B2Q works with local utilities to identify retrofit or new construction incentive opportunities. Our services include evaluations, design, turnkey implementation, commissioning, and measurement and verification.

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