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Advanced MEP & HVAC Design

Cost-efficient design services. Minimize construction costs. Maximize long-term energy and operating efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Project Design / Build

Pioneering Feasibility Studies for Sustainable Building Systems, providing expert guidance on energy-efficient upgrades and renewable solutions to combat the environmental impact of fossil fuel usage.

Cogeneration Analysis & Design

Co-generation from concept through design and commissioning. Proprietary simulation tools to optimize equipment choices. Steam and hot water recovery.

Design Peer Reviews

Decarbonization Master Planning: Assessment, recommendations, and implementation for cost-efficient, sustainable energy systems.

B2Q did a fabulous job in a very short time frame with one of our largest customers.  The project required flexibility, creativity, and top-shelf engineering ability.  B2Q excelled in all of these areas, coming in on schedule and at a reasonable price.

Lynn B. Di Tullio, P.E. Program Manager 

Western Massachusetts Electric Company


Let's get it done right.

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