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Building Systems

HVAC Systems

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B2Q offers tailored design solutions to provide safety, comfort, and energy efficiency for a wide variety of HVAC systems and building types. With every project, we begin by meeting with the client and listening. We walk through a process to identify and document the Owner's project requirements (OPR), and along the process of the evolution of the design, check that our design aligns with the Owner’s project goals are within given the project boundaries. After developing the OPR, we document our design decisions and assumptions in a Basis of Design. The Basis of Design is dynamic and updated throughout the design and is a useful historical tool for understanding how the design influenced the construction and Owners have found it to be helpful in training staff. This process has been refined to produce high-quality cost-effective design solutions unique to each HVAC systems project. Our extensive experience includes expert evaluation of existing conditions for retro-commissioning, existing mechanical system renovations, and HVAC system design for new construction. We make use of advanced technology such as Revit (3D CAD) and Navisworks for coordination, clash detection, and resolution at the design stage which results in fewer conflicts during construction.

B2Q has design experience with nearly all system types including but not limited to hot and/or chilled water systems, VRF and heat pumps, steam distribution and plants, domestic water, energy recovery, and various airside systems. In addition, we recognize the intricacies of HVAC systems between many diverse building applications such as mission critical, clean rooms, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, commercial, data centers, and educational institutions. Through the utilization of powerful design tools B2Q executes accurate and cost-effective solutions for all HVAC system design projects.

Let's get it done right.

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