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Cogeneration / CHP

Make your own energy. From screening-level audits to investment-grade studies and implementation, see how cogeneration can work for you.

Batteries and Energy Storage

Resiliency. Demand response. Load shedding. See how batteries and energy storage may improve facility operation and reduce energy costs.


Combine on site energy generation with energy storage. Increase resiliency. Provide essential services when grid power is not available.

Microgrids / Distributed Generation

Tailored solutions to meet your energy efficiency, energy resiliency, and energy cost goals.

Automated Demand Response

Assisting clients in demand response programs to reduce energy use and generate revenue. Utilizing MBCx to maximize equipment operation and demand response payments.

Heat Pumps & Geothermal

From concept to design to commissioning. Create a high-performance geothermal system using the least amount of energy possible given the site constraints.

B2Q Associates undertook a comprehensive and complicated analysis of a public-private community microgrid project for the City of Melrose through the MassCEC Community Microgrid program in 2019 and 2020. They were great to work with, very responsive, and produced good work. I would definitely work with B2Q again on future projects.

Martha Grover, Sustainability Manager 

City of Melrose


Let's get it done right.

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