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Building Systems

Compressed Air

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Whether it is designing a new high pressure compressed air plant, increasing the capacity of an existing plant, solving distribution system problems, or conducting compressed air leak audits, we can help. B2Q has experience designing high pressure compressed air plants ranging from manufacturing in industrial facilities to food production. Clean dry air (CDA) is as essential to manufacturing as is water, electricity, and cooling.

B2Q can help you improve the efficiency of your air supply operations with a Compressed Air Optimization Study. We use sophisticated tools to gain an understanding of existing operations by measuring and logging performance or installing software designed specifically to monitor your plant operations to automatically identify control issues that are causing energy waste. We can help you reduce your energy costs, improve productivity, enhance your system knowledge, and increase your profitability. B2Q can study control strategies to optimized equipment performance, and identify and address areas where your system is losing energy due to leaks and other wasteful operations. We can analyze your specific equipment operations and storage patterns, perform detailed ultrasonic leak surveys, commission repairs, and work with your team to improve overall performance.

Let's get it done right.

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