B2Q makes it easy to source projects with established Master Purchase Agreements and other purchasing vehicles that will cut bid time significantly.

DCAMM House Doctor Energy, Water, Climate & Resiliency
Certifiable Building Study, ASHRAE Level I & II Audits, 30% Schematic Plans, 100% Performance Specifications
DCAMM MEP House Doctor
Statewide Contract for MEP Services
DCAMM Utility Vendor
Turnkey Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects
Eversource Bench of Implementation Support
Helping Eversource with the Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects & Programs
Eversource Preferred Engineering Services
Energy Efficiency Studies, ASHRAE Level I & II Audits
Accelerated purchasing mechanism available to higher ed and state entities for B2Q engineering services, rather than a traditional RFP process
National Grid Project Expediter
Turnkey Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects
National Grid Technical Assistance
Energy Efficiency Studies, ASHRAE Level I & II Audits
PRF 61 Facilities & Operations Technical Assistance Services
Technical assistance for Department of Elementary & Secondary Education to assist with re-opening schools due to COVID-19
PRF 62 Energy Consulting Services
Statewide Contract for Wide Range of Energy Efficiency Services
PRF 69 Facilities Engineering Services
Statewide Contract for Facilities Engineering Services
Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Services MPA 508
Energy Projects
UMASS Amherst House Doctor
Study and Design of Mechanical & Electrical Systems
UMASS Building Authority Independent Engineering, Cx & RCx Services
Independent Engineering, Commissioning & Re-commissioning Services
UMASS RCx House Doctor (All Campuses)
Existing Building Commissioning House Doctor Services (All UMASS Campuses)
UNH Energy Services House Doctor
Commissioning & Re-commissioning Services (All NH Campuses)
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