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B2Q was presented with the challenge of designing the process utility and associated HVAC systems for a new state of the art high volume chocolate molding and packaging line.


The new production line and sanitation area was designed with 26 individual hydronic process piping loops including chocolate process, chilled water, chilled glycol (32°F), and sanitary hot water. B2Q worked with European manufacturers to create a well-coordinated piping configuration with optimized temperature and flow controls. The new process line’s total connected peak load was used to size a new hot water plant with fully redundant, high efficiency natural gas condensing boilers and variable frequency driven pumps. Design of new HVAC systems meets tight temperature and relative humidity requirements. Two new roof mounted variable volume air handling units maintain strict space temperature and relative humidity requirements while utilizing effective airflow dispersion techniques. New pressurization control strategies mitigate contamination between adjacent spaces. Utility connections made at an adjacent line generate the same product, minimizing new piping installed.


The new B2Q-designed production line is currently operating at full capacity and is producing more product than at any other within the facility. B2Q oversaw the design, specification, bidding, and installation, as well as assisting with the start-up, testing, and commissioning of the new chocolate production line and HVAC equipment. Cooling and heating are currently maintaining optimized flow and temperature setpoints for all process equipment.




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