Ameresco retained B2Q to be the prime design engineer to complete the upgrade of the Central Utility Plant (CUP) at Wellesley College. B2Q is in progress of mechanical design in Revit, and is responsible for managing the electrical, plumbing, structural, and acoustical subconsultants while coordinating all trades within the mechanical model.

The new Central Utility Plant upgrades scope consists of two (2) new 2MW peak shaving engine generators to be deployed for demand response. The chilled water plant was also upgraded to include (2) new 800-ton water cooled centrifugal chillers & a five (5) cell rooftop cooling tower. A new 4,000 ton-hr ice storage plant was installed for additional demand response & peak shaving during the peak cooling season. The plant also required a new pony steam boiler for shoulder season operations. B2Q also designed a new plant wide controls system for integration & centralization of all equipment.

Existing Major Equipment

  • Five (5) CHP Engines totaling 7.5 MW

  • Five (5) HRSG totaling roughly 10,000 lbs/hr

  • Two (2) Steam Absorption and

  • One (1) Hot Water Absorption Chiller

  • One (1) 800-ton Electric Centrifugal Chiller

  • One (1) Five Cell Rooftop Cooling Tower

  • Two (2) Steam Boilers each capable of 45,000 lbs/hr

  • Two (2) Peak Shaver Engines each capable of 2MW

  • Two (2) 800-ton Electric Centrifugal Chillers

  • One (1) Five Cell Rooftop Cooling Tower

  • A 4,000 ton-hr ice storage system with a dedicated 400-ton glycol chiller for ice build

  • One (1) 600-hp Pony Steam Boiler New Controls Infrastructure for entire CUP


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