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Turnkey Project Implementation

Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Turnkey Project Implementation

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B2Q offers engineering, design, and construction project management expertise to assist clients make improvements in building lighting, HVAC, automated controls, and industrial process systems without having to worry about how to “get it done”. We have the in-house design and construction capability to cost-efficiently complete facility energy retrofit projects that are professionally installed and fully commissioned. We help ensure projects are completed as intended and client’s staff are trained to properly operate and maintain new energy efficient systems and equipment.

From project conceptual design through implementation we stand ready to offer constructive ideas and suggestions, thoughtful consultation, experienced project management, clear communication, careful and comprehensive implementation, thorough documentation, and consistent follow through to make sure program objectives are efficiently achieved within individual project schedules. Our commissioning project team understands the dynamics of large design and construction teams, contractual obligations, construction execution, the importance of operations and maintenance, and the needs of the owner to be represented in the process. B2Q’s project manager will be supported by technical personnel who have specific areas of expertise ranging from engineering assistance during peer reviews to field support when the project schedule warrants additional staff to be on site, to controls and energy engineers during trend log reviews.

Our overarching goal is to deliver a turnkey EBCx project through which the Owner and their team are involved and engaged but their time is minimized; at the end of the project we want them to feel like they ran a very successful job but they didn’t lift a finger except to sign the PO.

B2Q prides itself on delivering existing building commissioning in the following manner:

- Thoughtful, collaborative, transparent and systematic consultation with existing building facility management, operators, and maintenance personnel to understand existing conditions, operating requirements, and challenges.
- Rigorous onsite analysis and testing of building operating systems, equipment, and controls to develop a “real world” understanding of existing equipment conditions, operating performance, and potential opportunities for efficiency improvements,
- Building automation system trend analysis, and modeling to verify building performance and identification of specific opportunities for system optimization and upgrade,
- Careful engineering and cost-benefit analysis and through documentation of retro-commissioning recommendations to make sure they are practical and cost-efficient.

Designs that are properly vetted (meet the owners project requirements), are well coordinated, and well documented;
- Contract documents that include commissioning specifications and testing requirements;
- Construction that meets the owners project requirements and design intent, and which is carefully inspected and appropriately tested;
- Facility operations staff training that is well planned, executed, and documented;
- Commissioning documentation that is thorough, clear, and concise.

Let's get it done right.

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