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B2Q was engaged by UMass Amherst to perform a comprehensive engineering investigation into HVAC issues occurring at the largest and most frequently occupied auditorium on campus. The study confirmed the HVAC issues were caused by a failure of the pneumatic controls and B2Q evaluated the feasibility and economics of a full pneumatic to DDC conversion. As a part of the study B2Q performed an EBCx investigation and identified energy savings opportunities.

B2Q was contracted by UMass Amherst to provide turnkey implementation services to convert the building from pneumatic controls to DDC and implement the identified EBCx measures. B2Qs services included managing all sub-contractors, Cx Agent, and verification of energy savings.


  • Upgrading all supervisory and equipmentlevel controllers

  • Replacing all pneumatic valves and actuators with DDC valves and actuators

  • Installing VFDs on AHUs and implementing variable airflow control sequences

  • Replacing broken occupancy sensors and adding AHU occupancy sensor control

  • Optimizing the demand-controlled ventilation sequences on the AHUs

  • Significantly improved HVAC system reliability, visibility and control

  • Increased occupant comfort and reduced the number of occupant complaints

  • Achieved $11,000 annually in avoided energy costs 

  • btained $9,000 utility incentive

  • Reduced deferred maintenance backlog


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