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The building has a total area of over 310,000 square feet including 80+ research labs totaling over 140,000 square feet. Since initial building occupancy in 2012, this facility had higher than expected energy use and consistent occupant comfort issues.


Prior to this EBCx effort, LSL consumed approximately 7,300,000 kWh of electricity and 24,000 Mlbs of steam annually with energy costs exceeding $1,300,000. UMass contracted B2Q to perform scoping & investment-grade EBCx studies and turnkey implementation services including Engineering, OPM, CxA, M&V and utility incentives on this research facility.


B2Qs efforts identified 17 energy-efficiency measures and 18 facility-improvement measures, all of which UMass decided to implement. EBCx measures included reducing the average building ACH from 10.5 to 6.8, repaired/replaced 60+ occupancy sensors, implemented unoccupied ACH setbacks, EF staging and bypass airflow control, and sophisticated AHU and EF static pressure reset control sequences. B2Q fostered and maintained a trusting relationship with UMass Stakeholders throughout the project; engaging frequently with Physical Plant, Research & Engagement, EH&S and Lab PIs/building occupants kept EBCx efforts well-coordinated and informed.

  • 1,400,00 kWh (19%) reduction in electrical use

  • 4,100 Mlb (17%) reduction in steam use

  • $220,000 annual energy cost reductions

  • Obtained $350,000 utility incentive

  • Significantly improved occupant comfort and reduced Operation and Maintenance issues


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