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The Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community is comprised of six residential buildings capable of accommodating approximately 1,500 students and encompassing 500,000 ft2. This facility was constructed in 2013 and had higher than expected energy use intensity when benchmarked against similar building types.

B2Q performed scoping level EBCx studies on each of the six residential buildings and the central heating and cooling systems (2 chillers, 4 primary HW/CHW pumps, 24 secondary pumps, 2 steam to HW HX) that serve the Community. B2Q identified fifteen energy-efficiency measures and three facility improvement measures. B2Q provided turnkey implementation services including, Engineering, OPM, CxA, sub-contractor management, M&V and utility incentives on all fifteen of the energy efficiency measures identified in the scoping level study.

  • Optimized variable volume primary HW and CHW pumping systems to match secondary system loads

  • Implemented demand based dP reset on 12 secondary pumping systems

  • Repaired broken AHU valves and dampers and optimized AHU heat recovery sequences

  • Implemented community wide, floor-by-floor scheduling capability

  • Over 900,000 kWh annual electric savings and 3,500 Mlbs annual steam savings $160,000 in avoided annual energy costs

  • Obtained over $200,000 utility incentive

  • Under 9-month simple payback after utility incentive

  • Improved automation of controls and reduced staff operation and maintenace time


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