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B2Q was retained by the Town of Natick to study and design the replacement of the end-of-life air-cooled chiller at the Morse Institute Library with an air-to-water heat pump to accomplish the functions of both the existing chiller and gas-fired hot water boilers. The project supports the Town’s desire to phase out fossil fuel usage to progress towards net zero carbon emissions.


B2Q completed the study, design, and bid specifications for the replacement of the existing chiller, as well as the building automation system. B2Q evaluated the feasibility and economics of multiple options of varying efficiencies, configurations, and cost, which were outlined for the Town in the Basis of Design report. An air-to-water source heat pump was ultimately selected. During cooling season, the 120-ton heat pump would primarily run during off-peak periods to generate ice to be stored in the (9) existing energy storage tanks, then melted throughout the day to meet the library’s cooling demands. During heating season, the electrically-driven heat pump would generate 140°F hot water down to ambient temperatures of 0°F, nearly eliminating the runtime of the (2) existing 952 MBH gas-fired boilers.


The Town used the documentation prepared by B2Q to apply for and secure a Green Communities Act grant. The project qualified for a $500,000 grant and has the potential to save the Town of Natick roughly:
• 121,795 kWh (16%) ; 24,265 therms (96%) annual energy savings
• 385,000 lbs CO2 (42%) annual emissions reductions


Public Sector


Chiller Replacement
Automation System Design
Feasibility Study
Hot Water Generation
Energy Efficiency & Analysis
Building Decarbonization

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