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In 2017, B2Q had the opportunity to perform an energy audit to develop energy conservation projects for the Morse Institute Library in Natick, MA. The Town's sustainability coordinator noted that the building had a particularly high energy use intensity, but that much of the opportunity for lighting upgrades was complete or in progress and that the HVAC systems were relatively modern with little low-hanging fruit. Based on our review of the building automation system, we identified an opportunity to install occupancy sensors for HVAC control in a number of spaces that were often unused despite the Library being open for relatively long hours. B2Q prepared a turnkey project implementation proposal, as well as all necessary documentation to apply for a Green Communities Act grant and utility incentive. Once approved, B2Q hired the Town's controls contractor as a subcontractor and we provided engineering, project management, and commissioning services to help get the project implemented with minimal demand on Town resources.

Based on the success of the first year's project, the Town asked that B2Q help identify and develop more projects for 2018s round of grant applications. B2Q prepared turnkey proposals and grant applications for VFD retrofits of (9) rooftop units at the Police & Fire Station, a VFD retrofit of a chilled water pump at the Library, and an AC unit upgrade for their historical document preservation room. In 2019, we received a grant to recommission the steam heating system in an aging elementary school plagued by comfort issues. To date, the Town has saved nearly $40,000 per year in energy costs and 200,000 lb of CO2 emissions from the projects we have implemented with the potential for much more to come.


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