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B2Q was commissioned to study potential costs and savings of a comprehensive controls replacement on 20+ air handling units and terminal boxes. Serving critical gallery and storage spaces while operating continuously at constant volume with stringent temperature and humidity requirements, the controls' 35+ year age and condition created lacking performance, comfort, and operation. B2Q was tasked to provide a roadmap for facilities staff to document the scope of controls upgrades required and associated project economics, including available utility incentives.


B2Q performed multiple screenshot reviews of the automation system, gathered manual measurements for missing data points, and extensively interviewed facilities staff to develop hourly models of each air handling system. B2Q quantified associated savings with proposed advanced sequences, enabled through new direct digital controls and modern building automation system software.


  • New HVAC controls improve space temperature and humidity, while reducing energy costs and improving equipment performance visibility for maintenance staff

  • Project economics for 19 measures were determined to provide a roadmap for implementation based on available capital funding and return on investment

  • Total annual energy cost savings of $184,000

  • Net project cost of $1.06M after utility incentives totaling over $200,000

  • Average simple payback of 5.8 years




Energy Efficiency and Analysis
Building Systems
Building Commissioning

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