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B2Q was engaged by Colgate University in 2016 to model, design, and commission a multi-phase mechanical and architectural renovation of the University’s 32,000-sq. ft. General Chemistry building, Wynn Hall. Opened in 1979, Wynn Hall houses dozens of labs for biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry, as well as, class and seminar rooms and departmental offices. The goal of the project was to renovate the original 37-year-old central building mechanical systems in their entirety while simultaneously improving maintainability, reliability, and energy efficiency, and eliminating chemical laden exhaust air re-entrainment.


B2Q was contracted as the Prime Design Consultant for both phases of the project. As the Prime, B2Q hired the architect and electrical subcontractor. Phase 1 of the project required a complete renovation of the basement mechanical room; however, in order to accommodate personnel challenges during construction, the new air handling unit was required to be sized for double the floor area served by the previous mechanical systems. In addition to an airside renovation, all hydronic and steam systems were to be upgraded as well as a complete removal and replacement of the existing diesel generator. B2Q and its electrical subcontractor proposed an alternative approach to dramatically reduce construction costs and connect the building life safety loads to an oversized generator in an adjacent building. These cost savings were applied to the second phase renovation. Phase 2 of the project consisted of a complete restoration of the 8,000-sq. ft. mechanical penthouse and the architectural and mechanical renovation of 4,300-sq. ft. of laboratory space on the second floor. B2Q designed new venturi valve airflow control system for 21 new laboratory hoods as well as variable air volume control methodology to maintain pressurization control in the entire building. B2Q provided commissioning, construction administration, and owner training for both phases of the project.


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