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B2Q provided MEP design services for critical audio recording labs to support the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ National Leadership Grant. Audio studios provided a unique challenge due to the materials’ hydroscopic nature and extreme low sound limitations from recording processes.


Recorded sound pressure levels near the proposed new studio location proved existing systems could not be reused, so a new energy efficient variable volume HVAC system was required to meet temperature and humidity requirements while maintaining a maximum noise criteria specification of 20-NC during all operating conditions. The replacement of an existing 70-ton failed air-cooled chiller was necessary to provide cooling for the office and lab facility restoring and preserving irreplaceable historical artifacts. B2Q provided guidance and ensured project completion by creating pre-purchase specifications so the chiller would be available as soon as a contractor was hired and before the artifacts were damaged due to prolonged exposure to high heat and humidity.


  • 24% reduction in annual chiller energy consumption

  • Awarded utility incentive equal to 22% of chiller material cost

  • Replaced chiller in one month from Contractor award date

  • Replaced existing corroded pump house with new fiberglass ventilated enclosure

  • Designed replacement for two lab fume hoods including a custom process overspray hood




Project Design

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 7.28.17 PM.png
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