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B2Q is challenged to pilot a demonstration project that explores how resiliency technologies, renewable energy systems, automated demand response technology, and energy conservation can be integrated and leveraged at critical facilities to form more resilient communities throughout the Commonwealth. The pilot sites are Andrews Middle School and the Department of Public Works in Medford, MA. The project is supported by B2Q's Peak Demand Management grant and the City of Medford's Community Clean Energy Resiliency Initiative grant from the Massaschusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER). B2Q's key deliverables include the following:

  • Complete a proof of concept feasibility study focused on integrating battery energy storage, solar PV, electrical upgrades, HVAC and lighting controls, and energy conservation to work in concert with existing standby generation to improve energy resiliency at the critical facilities.

  • Establish goals and develop a strategy for improving energy resiliency with project stakeholders.

  • Identify loads needed to support off grid operations during an extended outage.

  • Determine electrical distribution and controls work needed to meet resiliency goals.

  • Prepare final report for the DOER to summarize the project results and discuss statistical system impacts regarding scalability in the Commonwealth.

  • B2Q's key responsibilities as the Owner's Project Representative include the following:

  • Develop bid documents for design build installation of battery storage systems, solar PV systems, and electrical upgrades to improve resiliency.

  • Design and implement HVAC and lighting load shedding strategies to be leveraged for automated demand response and to extend off grid resiliency operations.

  • Execute tests of demand reduction and resiliency operations using FacilityConneX, a monitoring based commissioning service with big data aggregation capabilities, to verify results.


Public Sector


Energy Efficiency and Analysis
Building Systems
Resiliency and Distributed Generation

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