Facility Energy Analysis Services

Investment Grade Studies

B2Q’s investment-grade engineering and cost/benefit analysis of building and mechanical/electrical systems is designed to identify practical, cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities within commercial, industrial, healthcare, high-tech, and educational facilities. These “in-depth” technical studies include benchmarking, engineering and financial analysis of opportunities, project financing options, environmental impacts, and detailed documentation of recommended improvements. Our comprehensive engineering assessments include:

  • HVAC Systems (Heating and Cooling) efficiency improvements and retrofits
  • Building Automation Systems and Advanced Control Strategies
  • Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power)
  • Water Use
  • Advanced Lighting Design
  • Industrial Process Improvements

Building Energy Simulation Modeling

B2Q Associates has extensive experience with several building modeling software tools accepted by utilities, U.S Department of Energy (DOE), and United States Green Building Council (USGBC). These can be applied to both new and existing buildings to compare system alternatives, calculate energy savings from each alternative, and evaluate the interaction between several options. Computer simulation models such as eQuest and Trane Trace are used during advanced stages of design evaluations to understand the impact of the building orientation, shading strategies, and building envelope alternatives to help optimize efficient building design.

Whole Building Assessments

Whole Building Assessments are designed as quick, high value facility scoping studies to identify and document operational and energy efficiency improvement opportunities. We have performed Whole Building surveys on a wide range of facility types, including office buildings, schools, college campuses, municipal buildings, research laboratories, industrial buildings, theaters, and health care facilities.

Facility Efficiency Scoping Studies

Our scoping studies provide a quick review of facility and building systems to identify potential energy conservation measures and create a detailed work plan for a focused investigation into those measures. This type of study is very useful to owners and facility managers seeking energy cost reduction opportunities and how best to develop them.

Facility Benchmarking

We conduct facility energy performance benchmarking by studying energy costs and use over time and comparing current annual or monthly use to past energy consumption. By tracking usage and creating a profile of energy use we can help owners and facility managers anticipate future energy costs, and understand the financial impact of investing in energy efficiency improvements.

LEED Certification

B2Q assists owners and property managers apply for LEED certification designed to promote sustainable building, development, and operational practices. We guide clients through the LEED process and help prepare the application to certify existing facilities as “LEED for Existing Buildings”, or new buildings as “LEED for New Construction”, “LEED for Commercial Interiors”, or “LEED for Core and Shell”.

ENERGY STAR Certification

B2Q offers professional services to verify the six modules required by the EPA Energy Star certification program. B2Q can help prepare an application to certify a client’s building. Buildings are eligible to receive the Energy Star Certification if they rank a 75 or better in EPA’s benchmarking tool, Portfolio Manager ©.

About Us
B2Q Associates, Inc. is an independent consulting engineering firm specializing in M/E/P design, commissioning, and energy engineering services for industrial and large commercial building owners who value high efficiency building systems that deliver maximum performance. We provide clients objective technical expertise in the engineering, design, and installation of facility-wide energy efficiency projects designed to lower operating costs and enhance performance, reliability, and comfort.
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