Building Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

New Construction

B2Q Associates’ help ensure newly constructed buildings perform in accordance with their design intent, contractual obligations, and the owner’s operational needs.  Our commissioning services include “peer reviews” of owner’s design documents, a common sense practice that can save ten of thousands of dollars in construction costs, improve the design, and lower long term operating costs.  We also provide comprehensive facility start-up commissioning, including functional testing of systems, adjusting and balancing, verifying system integration, and training of operating staff to operate and maintain systems safely and efficiently.

Existing Buildings – Retro-commissioning

B2Q is nationally recognized for its retro-commissioning expertise and our comprehensive on-site analysis of building and equipment operations.  We have particular expertise in the use of Building Automation Systems and trend logs to identify operating anomalies, and we work closely with client facilities staff to identify and recommend low cost measures, equipment repairs and upgrades, and operational improvements that typically reduce annual energy costs from 10 to 20%.


About Us
B2Q Associates, Inc. is an independent consulting engineering firm specializing in M/E/P design, commissioning, and energy engineering services for industrial and large commercial building owners who value high efficiency building systems that deliver maximum performance. We provide clients objective technical expertise in the engineering, design, and installation of facility-wide energy efficiency projects designed to lower operating costs and enhance performance, reliability, and comfort.
Our Clients and Work